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I am a married, 53 year old woman with a wonderful husband, Richard.I live in Australia .As you can see by my hubs, I have had a lot of problems with my health but if I didn't have Richard there with me by my side, encouraging me to hang in there, I don't know if I could have made it this far because I find it hard to stay positve when things go wrong. . On the good side of things, I have so much to be grateful for as well. I grew up with two wonderful parents and three sisters, who are all married with children.

Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with a rare neuro generative Disease, Multiple System Atrophy in 2006, which doesn't have a cure, bummer. It has affected all the systems of my body. This is why I joined hubpages, as I needed something to keep my mind from wondering and thinking of all the bad things that were happening.

I am so pleased I have joined the "Hubber Family". because it seems that everyone is looking out for each other and you see this in "fan mail" and "comments. I am enjoying it so much and have had some lovely people saying nice things about my "hubs".

I am a trained singer, and up until two years ago, I used to sing in the church choir. My voice has now been damaged from my disease, which saddens me a lot because I love to sing and I have been doing so since I was three.

I was in RAAF, where I was a Nursing Sister. I loved nursing but when I became sick I could not continue my nursing so when I was out I became a medical secretary.

I love meeting people and I thought it would be good idea to join Hubpages. I have been doing some reading on how to carry out the various functions and have really enjoyed reading some of the other Hubber's stories and articles. You can find something to read on just about anything and everything here.

I joined a Poetry Website early last year and I was enecouraged by so many of my true loyal and trusted friends I have met on HP/ and I can't believe how many I have now.

Since joining this Poetry Website, I have won over thirty trophies, including eight gold ones and seven silver,six bronze and 29 Honourable Mentions,.Since joining this website, I have had the opportunity to learn a lot from other Poets and Authors.

However recently, I went one step further and decided to concentrate on writing a book. In fact, I have written three Children's Story Books.. ooks, "The Enchanted Garden" is the first one which is to be out in early Easter, and the second one is called "The Little Pig That Ran Away to Save it's Bacon". I realise that it is a funny Title but it does have a very good teaching mechanism throughout the book with a great moral at the end of it. The third book is called "Zeppo the Little Dragon with a Big Problem".

.I hope if there is anyone either on HP's or anywhere else that reads this, who is sick or disabled ,that you take this as an inspiration it has helped me.

If you have just joined recently,have faith and believe in yourself and all the other hubbers and you can't go wrong, in my opinion. Good Luck to you all.

Love Beautybabe (Pam)