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Coleen Vanderbeek PsyD LPC

Dr. Coleen Vanderbeek is a licensed professional counselor, specializing in human development, neurodiversity, and Dual Diagnosis (IDD/MI) for over the past 25 years. Dr. Vanderbeek is the Founder and CEO of the consultation practice A Pieceful Mind. Dr. Vanderbeek has consulted, trained, and coached thousands of staff and leaders in a milieu of clinical and educational settings both nationally and internationally. She has devoted the bulk of her career to assisting individuals, caregivers, families, and support teams to “find their voice,” and effectively manage co-occurring mental health diagnosis, by adapting empirically based psychotherapeutic intervention to match the unique needs of individuals on the Autism Spectrum and other neurologically diverse populations. In addition to her Masters in Educational Psychology, Masters in Clinical Psychology, and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Vanderbeek holds a variety of advanced certifications in the field of child and human development and is endorsed as a level 3 Infant Mental Health Specialist.