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My name is Tracy and I currently live in the Tampa Bay area, and have for the past 15 years.  I have been a Registered Nurse in the Cardiac ICU for the past 17 years.

I was born and raised in Canada and moved to Florida after I received my nursing license.  I lived in England for 2 years practicing nursing as well.

I am currently married with 2 lovely girls, aged 8 & 12, who keep me busy with marital arts and piano lessons.

I have a wide range of knowledge (some not by choice), including living on a farm.  We have everything but goats and horses.  We did have a horse but I got tired of, "I'll look after it", and that ended up being me - which was not cool with my schedule. 

My husband and I have remodeled houses in the past, as he is a Painting/Tile Contractor.  I'd get stuck painting, which is the worst job in the world in my opinion.

I'm currently in school seeking my Master's degree in nursing and someday I would like to be a professor in nursing (when I grow up).  I figure I may finish before I am 50.