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Denise Handlon

Retired from healthcare career. Living life to the fullest. Am dedicated to my Spiritual growth & beliefs, as well as family. I took A Hiatus from working with Hubpages for an extended time, for personal reasons. However, I'm happy to be able to start back again.

One publication: : The Disenfranchised: Tales of Life & Grief when an Ex-Spouse Dies. edited by Peggy Sapphire. ISBN-13:978-0895038210

Writing is a family interest You can read about this shared love in my Hub:

Awards and Acknowledgements:

(6/9/10) Soul Work: JOY placed first in the weekly hubnugget awards. (7/7/10) Memorial Day A time to remember placed third and (8/11/10) Summer Gardens also placed third.

Voted 'Most Supportive Hubber' and 'Forum Queen' in the 2011 contest. Thanks Hubbers!

2012 Recipe contest winner: Easy, Summer Appettizers.