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Marsha Caldwell


My passion is helping the elderly have a comfortable not stressful life.  Certainly some stress is good, however having to choice between food and/or heat or the necessary prescriptions.   They should not have to worry about going into a nursing home or assisted living and being abused or forgotten.  This is part of the reason I work with seniors and the disabled. 

My education honed from life experiences and textbooks, and formal education. I seemed to be destined for this work before I knew this was a professional.  I am one of those old fashioned people who believe elders should be respected and learned from. 

Formal studies in Human Services, advocating for the elderly and disabled community and working closely with various caregiving situations whether brick and mortar establishments or individuals; having worked with social service agencies and legal authorities to help the unemployed become independent and self-supporting.  I have held positions on boards of Not for Profits including Board of Senior Services of Washington, county board of guidance for long-term facilities, and Alzheimer’s Association, as well as many assisted living and adult family homes problem solver.  Also, I am a writer for a nationally syndicated column.   And have written a book published in the fall 2012, Caregiving tips for everyone.   Most recently my work has provided a connection to working with county organizations to come together in an effort to provide a hand up for the homeless.

 Living in Washington State and enjoying the outdoors has given me the perspective for knowing no limits for my writing style.  I have a Golden Retriever, named Sasha who keeps me in line and two cats Norman and KY (KY was a gift and Norman was a rescue).  My philosophy is ‘we are blessed to share this planet with some many wonderful creatures.  We are the stewards of our environment. We must respect and care for our world’.