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MD Jackson MSIOP

M.D. Jackson earned her Masters of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology while working a full time job, and working part time at her own business. Her other degrees include a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and an Associate of Arts in Business. As a sideline to her psychology degrees, Jackson studied brainmapping and neuoscience. Her strength is in human and family relations counseling. Currently, she teaches psychology and works as a counselor. Author of the short story "The Angel Tree" published in Chicken Soup for the Soul Miracles, which goes on sale Feburary 4, 2020.

Artisitically Jackson is a cultural artist creating both Native American and Day of the Dead Art. Strong southwest influences are a stapple of her style. Other areas of interest are art, architecture, culture, world religions, traveling, kayaking, exploring, painting, crafting, antiques, and Interior Design.

As a humanitarian Jackson started the Peaceful Society Movement dedicated to creating understanding and love toward ones fellow man.

Profile name:

"My profile name is of course my first name and then only 3. The 3 means only 3 children. I feel blessed to have my children and they mean the world to me so that became my email and thusly my hub name. However, this profile was created long before we adopted several other children". We have nine kids total, all are grown.

M.D.Jackson does answer emails, it is easier to reach her by posting on one of her hubs.