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Luke Anthony Schulte

In another life, I'd have been 6'-2" and 165 pounds. I'd have graduated college right after high school and would either be a doctor or full-time, professional actor right now. As it turns out, I was slightly more ambitious than my circumstances allowed, and I'm 5'-11", well over 240 pounds, I basically live paycheck to paycheck, I work overnight as a paramedic in a local ER and only act in community theater once every two years or so.

I'm single and childless (unless you count my beagle, Oliver). I consider myself a pretty normal guy. I never make my bed. There are usually at least a couple dishes in the sink. It pains me to put away laundry. I like whisky...a lot (maybe too much), and I have no interest in quitting smoking despite knowing how terrible it is for me and sometimes finding it hard to run more than a mile on the treadmill.

I used to do some on-camera work for KENS-5, the local CBS affiliate. For a time, I also wrote freelance for the San Antonio Current and OUT in SA magazines. I enjoy writing, and recently started a blog about my struggles with anxiety and depression called "In the Middle of the Middle of Nowhere."