Cardiovascular Health


Why Are Rare Blood Types More Common Than You Think?

I am frequently asked about rare blood types. The most common questions are about the Rh Negative blood type. The next most common questions are about rare blood types being special in some way. This article will be helpful in answering questions and superstitions in "golden" or "special" blood.


What Is Broken Heart Syndrome?

When your spouse passes away, you may experience broken heart syndrome, which puts you, as the grieving mate, at a higher risk for cardiovascular events. Tips for the bereaved spouse along with suggestions for family and friends to help get through the grieving process are included.


Anemia Types, Symptoms and Treatment

Anemia affects both children and adults. Anemia due to low red blood cell counts is different from leukemia which is a low white blood cell count. Anemia affects the ability of the red cells to carry oxygen to all body organs. Leukemia affects the ability of white cells to fight infections.


What Is a PVC (Premature Ventricular Contraction)?

So, you're in the hospital and the alarm on the telemetry monitor is going off. But the staff tells you its nothing but PVCs. What gives?!? Well, PVCs aren't a big deal. Read on to learn why.

A Heart Attack and the ICU - Time to Panic?

A heart attack is a very scary thing, and landing yourself in the ICU is even scarier. An experienced cardiac ICU nurse explains why you shouldn't necessarily panic.


How to Differentiate Between Anxiety, Intercostal Muscle Spasms, and Heart Attack

How to tell the difference between a heart attack, anxiety, and intercostal muscle spasms. All three may cause chest pain and difficulty breathing.


How to Properly Place a BP Cuff and Get an Accurate Reading

No one else cares as much about your health as you should. Never be afraid to ask questions. In this article, we will discuss how to properly measure and interpret your blood pressure.

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Changing Definitions of High Blood Pressure for the 2020s

The official definition of high blood pressure or hypertension has changed many times over the years, and this has caused a lot of frustration in the medical community.