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8 Human Guide Techniques for People With Visual Impairments

What are human guide techniques? How do you help a person with a visual impairment find a chair or use the stairs? This article provides info about useful techniques for these situations and more from my training as a TVI and a counselor.


7 Uses for Canes for People With Disabilities and More

In this article, I explore different types of canes and their various uses in both modern and earlier times.


9 Shopping Tips for All People With Disabilities

This article provides strategies for people with disabilities to perform shopping tasks. I've also included information about the Americans with Disabilities Act.


What You Need to Know About Deaf-Blindness

Basic facts about deaf-blindness, ways people who are deaf-blind communicate, and famous people with deaf-blindness are in this article.


Common Myths and Facts About Vision Loss

This article looks at various myths about people with visual impairments and presents facts dispelling these myths—from a counselor and Teacher of the Visually Impaired.


7 Warnings Signs of Vision Loss and What to Do if They Appear

This article discusses signs of vision loss, types of eye care specialists, and what to expect from an eye exam.


Vision Loss and Laundry: 7 Techniques for Everyone to Know

This article provides steps for helping people with vision loss and other disabilities perform laundry duties until independence is achieved.


What to Expect When Getting Your Hearing Evaluated

This article reviews the process of getting hearing aids and what to expect along the way.


Choosing the Right Group Home Placement

I offer a few tips on choosing the right group home for individuals with intellectual disabilities.


Sponsored Residential Services: A Family-Friendly Alternative to Group Home Placement

This article discusses Virginia’s sponsored residential program for people with intellectual disabilities, and why it may be the best alternative to a group home placement.