Mental Health


Alcohol Use Disorder

A summary of what alcohol use disorder is, including symptoms, factors that influence development, health risks of alcohol consumption, how it is treated, and some resources to help find treatment.


Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

Body Dysmorphic Disorder is an extreme mental disorder characterised by obsessive thoughts about appearance and body image. Recognised as a hidden disorder due to its shame and stigma, BDD occurs equally in both sexes and adversely affects the person’s quality of life.


Hoarding Disorder Explained

Hoarding Disorder is a mental health condition where a person acquires an excessive number of items and displays ongoing resistance to discarding them. Difficult to treat, further research needs to be undertaken in order to fully understand the psychology of this disorder.


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Explained

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is an extreme anxiety disorder characterised by obsessions and/or compulsions. Challenging and debilitating, this condition often requires long-term treatment. Staying focused on recovery goals and reaching out to a support group will make the journey less challenging.


A Pathway Through Grief

Grief is a journey unique to the individual, generally experienced in cycles. There is no time frame with grieving, however, there are distinct stages that occur throughout the process. Understanding these stages can help a person come to terms with their feelings and eventually heal from the loss.