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Alcohol Use Disorder

A summary of what alcohol use disorder is, including symptoms, factors that influence development, health risks of alcohol consumption, how it is treated, and some resources to help find treatment.


Is Gaming Addiction a Real Mental Health Disorder?

The 11th revision of the ICD added "gaming disorder" as a potential mental health diagnosis. Is this controversial decision the way forward in treating technology abuse? How will clinicians diagnose and treat the condition?


Understanding Substance Abuse, Addiction, Tolerance, Dependence and Withdrawal

A basic introduction to the definitions of drug abuse, addiction, tolerance, dependence and withdrawal. Recovery from substance use disorders is also discussed.


What Is Video Game Addiction and How Do You Treat It?

Playing video games for many can be an innocent form of entertainment, and many can game without developing problems. The intent of this article is to provide information about the pitfalls—the "dark side"—to video gaming, and the growing addiction concerns.


The Psychology Query Issue 7 - Addict vs. Person With Addiction: Does the Term Matter?

Labeling those with addictions can dehumanize them. The term "addict"suggests everything about the person results from the addiction, whereas "person with an addiction" puts the person first.


Heroin: Addiction and Treatment Options

Information regarding heroin, including how it affects the body, addiction, overdosing, and treatment options.


How to Recognize If Someone You Know May Have a Gambling Addiction

What are the signs and symptoms of a gambling addiction? Learn how to recognize if someone you know might have a problem.


14 Ways People Excuse Their Substance Abuse

For many of us, admitting that there is a substance abuse problem leads to fear, shame, and embarrassment. A willingness to break through the denial, however, can lead to live-saving perspectives.


When an Overdose Becomes Attention Seeking

If a person repeatedly overdoses on pills but always survives... and yet claims it is because of a desire to die, does it necessarily mean their intent is false? Is it attention-seeking behaviour?


Am I an Alcoholic? Clear-Cut Signs You Might Have a Drinking Problem

Have you ever wondered if you might be an alcoholic? Learn about some of the signs that indicate you may have a problem.


How to Break a Nasal Spray Addiction

Did you know that it's possible to get addicted to nasal sprays? Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way. This is what I did to break my dependence.


Using Mindfulness Techniques in Substance Abuse Treatment

If there is an opposite of addiction, it might be mindfulness. While addiction often involves running from feelings and numbing pain, mindfulness involves learning to stay with and accept pain and discomfort. Practicing mindfulness skills during treatment can help maintain sobriety beyond treatment.