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Pain Management


How to Manage Low Back Pain When Homebound

Being homebound—because of illness, disability, or more recently, because of the stay-at-home orders—can exacerbate low back pain. In this article, I'll discuss what people can do about it, including a detailed exercise tutorial video and a table layout for a rehabilitation schedule.


Is Surgery Necessary to Relieve Back Pain?

Back pain is a very common problem. This article explains ways to prevent having a back problem. It also discusses various kinds of back surgeries and what to expect during the procedure and in recovery.


My Top 3 Neck and Upper Back Exercises for Desk Workers

My top 3 exercises to strengthen the neck and upper back muscles and to reduce discomfort from desk work and other activities that require sustained downward gaze and forward use of the arms.


Treatment for Chronic Back Pain: Facet Injections and Radiofrequency Ablation

Chronic lower back and neck pain can be quite debilitating, impacting your ability to perform daily activities and work duties. Facet injections are a good option for pain that is unresponsive to therapy.


How to Manage Shoulder Pain and Regain Range of Motion

With a shoulder injury or shoulder condition, you should prioritize pain management and gentle movements. Doing too much too soon can work against you. Use of ice and passive exercises explained.


Computer Ergonomics Tips for Desk Workers

My experience with computer workstation ergonomics started when my occupational therapy practice shifted to clients with arm complaints. I realized the majority were desk workers. Ergonomics was always an issue.