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Charting & Insurance


Case Study With Obstetric Soap Notes: Arrest of Dilation

This is the case of a multiparous women who desires an unmedicated birth without intervention. Includes a discussion of questions involving arrest of dilation.


How to Write a SOAP Note With Obstetric Examples

Learn the basics for writing a SOAP note for medical school or becoming an advanced practice nurse. Healthcare providers need to be fluent in this form of charting.


How Is My Copay Determined at the Pharmacy?

Though it may seem like pulling a number out of a hat, there are specific ways the cost of your prescription is determined.


How Do I Read That Statement I Just Got From My Health Insurance?

What is that statement you just received from your health insurance? It's called an Explanation of Benefits, or an EOB. Does it actually explain anything? Or does it just create confusion?