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Bullying in the Nurseplace: How to Stop Eating Our Own

One of the first phrases a nursing student learns is "nurses eat their young." It was first used by nursing professor Judith Meissner in 1986. At least 85% of nurses have been bullied, according to research.


Obstetrical Nursing: The Good, Bad, and the Insanely Crazy

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a nurse. Nursing did not end up being my college major/first career choice because I allowed others to direct my future. Once I finally took control of my dreams, I made becoming a registered nurse a reality. Here is my story; and it wasn't easy!


Top 10 Reasons Why Nurses Are Underappreciated

Nurses are a special breed of people who dedicate their lives to the profession of caring for others. Unfortunately, their deeds often go unnoticed and unappreciated by the public.


Medication Non-compliance in the Elderly: Implications for Nursing Practice

Non-compliance with multiple medication use in the elderly is a large problem. While interventions exist, the research demonstrating efficacy is lacking, and barriers limit implementation implications.


High Demand for Nurses and 12-Hour Shifts Are Causing Burnout

Demand for nurses is high, and the pay and perks can be quite good, but long hours lead to increased stress that prevents nurses from doing their best and thriving in their careers.


10 Things Nurses Don't Want You to Know

Keeping secrets is only one of the things that nurses do best. From test results to warding off bad spirits, this article reveals why nurses do what they do and what to expect in the hospital.


Professional Etiquette for the Certified Nurse's Aide

Nursing aides or assistants are an important part of the healthcare team. In this article, I will provide some helpful tips on how to do your job effectively and be a well-loved and respected aide.


What Is Nursing Care?

This article explains that the nurse is your primary caregiver in the hospital and exactly what her functions are. The nurse is your advocate and the one that would be your advocate.


How to Prevent Bedsores (Pressure Sores)

It is really important to know how to prevent pressure sores should you ever have someone who is bedridden in your home. Learn how to prevent pressure sores from developing.


5 Tips for Operating Room Nurses

These are rules to remember in an operating room. These five short sayings will keep you out of trouble if you follow them.