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Older Adults


Low Air Loss Mattress: When to Use It and How to Get It Covered

A low air loss mattress is used in the care of the aging or immobile to treat or prevent pressure ulcers (bed sores). It is either often underutilized, and most do not know how it is paid for.


Swallowing Problems in the Elderly

Swallowing difficulties are particularly common in the elderly and can lead to dehydration and malnutrition. A registered nurse discusses issues related to dysphagia in the elderly.


5 Key Tips to Communicating With Dementia Patients

Remember these five key guidelines in order to effectively communicate with dementia patients. Communication is key in caring for and maintaining relationships with people suffering from dementia.


Activities for Elderly People in Care Homes

These are ideas for activities that can be offered to help keep the elderly residents of a residential or nursing home active, healthy, and alert.


Coloring Activities for Adults With Alzheimer's and Dementia

Coloring is an excellent activity for children of all ages. It can be a good activity for someone with Alzheimer's, as long as a few important issues are taken into consideration.